Community Roadways

Traffic is on the rise in all developing countries. More emissions, more congestion and more frustration. So, what is the long-term outlook for the world and traffic?

Let’s narrow it down and ask the question: what is the long-term outlook for our local communities and residential traffic? While the local advertising agency may be getting the big bucks to promote car sales, who is regulating the use of urban and neighborhood road development? Who is keeping up with road repair and general infrastructure to keep our highways and localities safe and road worthy? Continue reading

Driverless Cars

Driverless cars have been banned in San Francisco, California. One of 9 US States which has allowed the technology to hit the roadways at all, has withdrawn its enthusiasm. The City by the Bay wants to be assured that the technology is more developed.

Apparently, Uber, who has its headquarters in San Francisco, is at the heart of the dispute. Special permits must be issued that assures the safety of passengers in a car that doesn’t have a human behind the wheel. Uber doesn’t want to pay the additional cost of permitting or the additional $5 million in insurance and therefore the two local giants can’t seem to agree.

A robotic, autonomous car is essentially a vehicle that is self-driving. Despite California’s position at this time, it’s not an unlikely scenario that someday soon your local airport shuttle service will be completely operated by driverless vehicles. Everything from taxi’s and busses to a 24 hour tow truck Bakersfield CA are all candidates for robotic vehicles to take over.

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